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Drone Photography

Back in the early 2000s our team was known to hang out of helicopters to capture the perfect aerial photograph. Thankfully, we now have drones to make the flight for us. We understand visuals, so you can trust our team with drone services for your project. Our creative directors want to help market by knowing that quality differentiates. Green Grass Studios offers drone services across the entire nation, so no location is off limits.

Still drone photography is a powerful tool to showcase your property in its accurate context because location matters. Our talented team of artist will work to make the image marketable – from taking out cranes to color correction. For our marketing films, drone video compliments by adding in context for the macro and micro points of interest. Ask us about these services as an add on to your marketing stills or virtual tours and see a few examples below.


Background Context

Location. Location. Location. For developments where location or nearby landscape is a selling point, let’s make the background context accurate so they can visualize the views. 

Full Integration

Full Integration

We can coordinate a shoot to capture the exact angle for a marketing image and then add the ‘green grass effect’ to it which includes color correction and photoshop magic.

Lifestyle Videography

Lifestyle Videography

For lifestyle videos we can compliment them by adding in proper context. Our video shoots to create a full picture of a development, location, or even smaller interior spaces.

Fully integrating the MoZaic building into its future location in the heart of Minneapolis’ dynamic Uptown Neighborhood. MoZaic, an award-winning mixed-use development, includes two buildings (MoZaic East & MoZaic West) totaling over 250,000 square feet of unique, creative, Class A office space. MoZaic provides the first of a new generation of creative office buildings in the Uptown market.

Fully integrating Marriott’s first tri-branded hotel into its future location in Nashville. The landmark project will rise in Nashville’s SoBro neighborhood, which over the last few years has been transforming into a bustling area filled with restaurants, shopping and entertainment.



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