Green Grass Studios creates 3D Renderings and Videos in the real estate industry, so we have a unique insight into trends in multiple industries. Over the past few years we have seen many unique amenities. Recently, golf simulators have been showing up in both multifamily and master planned communities, so we wanted to take a deeper look into this trend. 

When you look up lists for the Top 10 Most Popular Sports In America, it becomes apparent that the only 2 options for individual or small group sports on the list are golf and tennis. This is no surprise that the latter is also seeing a similar growth in our communities – pickleball anyone? Golf – especially golf simulators – allow the sport to be played by anyone at any time. According to recent trends, the convenience of working on your swing and not having to commit four hours playing an entire round is enticing. Gamification and convenience seem to be the golden words when attracting interest.

In 2020, The National Golf Foundation (NGF) reported that 12.1 million golfers were playing off-course last year and that number has now increased to 12.4 million. This is fastly approaching the 12.6 million golfers who played on actual fairways and greens. The foundation attributes the surging trend primarily to golf simulators and the sport is only increasing every year in participation. NGF’s research shows overall golf participation increased by 600,000 to 37.5MM in 2021. 

According to Bloomberg, the home market versus commercial is driving growth. “This is the fastest-growing part of our business by all measures,” said Matt Frelich, vice president of sales for San Diego-based TrackMan Golf. In 2020, his company had a 50% jump in simulator installations for homes compared to other segments. This growth isn’t limited only to 2020 and COVID though as shown in the NGF statistics above.

The gamification of new franchises such as TopGolf combined with the convenience of golf being outdoors and isolated during a global pandemic has combined into a perfect storm of turning golf from an traditional sport to a new activity being discovered by many. Once an elite activity, golf simulators are now being put in amenity centers across the country, increasing the participant pool every year.

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