The Union Dallas: Using Visualization to Optimize Pre-Leasing

Completed in 2019, a notable architectural marvel has emerged on the Dallas horizon, captivating the attention of potential tenants and locals alike. The Union in Uptown Dallas, a visionary mixed-use development by RED Development, has redefined the cityscape by bringing new and exciting retail and high end workspace to the Uptown Dallas area. While this grand development was in the construction and pre-leasing stages, Green Grass Studios partnered with the leasing team at JLL to create a stunning architectural film. This captivating visual medium has played a pivotal role in generating interest, attracting tenants, and ensuring the success of this remarkable project. Sarah Hinkley Kennington, who led leasing efforts for The Union stated about our collaboration,

Creating a day to night video for future tenants at The Union to see was a game changer for pre-leasing efforts. Green Grass was easy to work with and made our vision come to life!”

The Union Dallas stands as a testament to forward-thinking urban design. Comprising high-end retail spaces, premium office spaces, and vibrant entertainment options, this development offers a comprehensive lifestyle experience from work to play. However, bringing such a grand vision to life is no small feat. That’s where using an architectural visualization film came into play, breathing life into the project long before construction was complete. Here, the Union Dallas took a leap forward by utilizing an architectural film  produced by Green Grass Studios to create an immersive visual narrative that has proven to play a pivotal role in attracting both commercial and residential tenants. 

By leveraging the medium of an architectural film, the Union Dallas experienced unprecedented success in its pre-leasing efforts. The film acted as a catalyst, creating a buzz around the development, and driving interest among prospective tenants. It played a pivotal role in facilitating early lease commitments, even before the physical construction reached completion.

The ability to visually communicate the project’s unique value proposition enabled the Union Dallas to attract a diverse range of tenants, including retailers, and businesses. It allowed stakeholders to witness the project’s potential, further solidifying their trust in RED Development’s vision. Moreover, the film acted as a persuasive tool for potential investors and partners, reinforcing the project’s market viability.