Green Grass Studios is a proud member of NTCAR, the North Texas Commercial Association of REALTORS® and Real Estate Professionals. We value being integrated into our local community while still working with our clients all over the country. This past month our Director of Sales was at the Commercial Office Event in Dallas. Led by some of the top CRE professionals in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, they discussed the optimism in the market despite challenging conditions. Some of the biggest challenges in the Texas and overarching markets are getting employees back in the office. Dallas’ finest all agree that there is now an emphasis on creating inviting, interactive workplaces that encourage employees to spend more time back at the office. Spurning creativity and productivity, you’ll start to see more gyms, mother’s rooms, green spaces, and gathering spaces throughout new office developments and renovations.

The backdrop for this great event was the Lincoln Centre development in Dallas. A recently renovated marvel represented by Nuveen Real Estate and Cushman and Wakefield, this tower is a great example of bringing together productivity and the comforts of home into one stellar space. With amenities like restaurants, outdoor gathering spaces, and a fully stocked gym, the liveliness of this office tower is felt as soon as you walk through the doors. There’s no doubt that the office market is thriving, and we’re going to see new and innovative answers to challenges for years to come.


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